An effective way to earn income playing Dota2 Rust GTA RP Minecraft Fortnite with Neoxa crypto project

An effective way to earn income playing Dota2 Rust GTA RP Minecraft Fortnite with Neoxa crypto project
Published in : 20 Jan 2024

An effective way to earn income playing Dota2 Rust GTA RP Minecraft Fortnite with Neoxa crypto project




    With the help of this site, you will be able to earn money in cryptocurrency by playing popular games such as Dota 2, GTA 5, Fortnite and Rust.


1. Go to the link and click "here" below "Register":




2. Register. In the "Referral code" section enter this code:


For it, you will be given +10% to the reward for the first 10 games.

3. Confirm the letter by mail.

4. Go to the "Games" tab, select a game and log in.

5. Let's consider the example of the game Dota 2. For this, we need to connect our Steam account. In Dota 2, you get money only for ranked games. Therefore, open the account match history, for this, go to the Dota 2 game itself - "Settings" - "Community" - > Enable "Public Match History". Also, in Steam, in the settings, provide public access.

6. On this exchange search for NEOX coin and link your ID wallet.

Registration to create a wallet

7. Play and get rewarded for every ranked game played.




All payouts are in Neoxa token. The token is already traded on exchanges 

In the "Markets" section, we will be able to see on which exchanges the token is traded. That is, we will be able to sell the earned tokens for them. We need a Neoxa wallet to receive rewards, so we either download the Neoxa wallet itself or register on an exchange where the token is traded and specify the address of the Neoxa token.

Payment checks



    We remind you once again that earnings in Dota 2 are available only in ranked matches. Payment amounts are also received the next day after 12:00 p.m. for the previous day. Earnings depend on the number of games played in 24 hours, the number of victories, the number of goals scored, assists, the title of the best player, the pool is distributed depending on the rating of registered players in the project for each match. For example, users played within 24 hours for Troll Warlord, the number of matches from which the distribution of tokens will be more because the one who made more kills and has less deaths and more help, as well as if he won for his character. However, the project does not reveal specifically for which actions the tokens are charged, so you can experiment, because sometimes they charge 1 dollar, sometimes 2, for example, for the same number of games played, and sometimes less, so your individual earnings depend only on your abilities in the game.

    An important point is to also change your name in the game or add the word NEOXA, because when 1-2 days pass after connecting to the system, you may lose your profit, because the system will ask you to do this action, so immediately after connecting to the system, make a new name in the game or supplement, but so that it contains NEOXA. This is not immediately indicated anywhere, so it is a life hack for further earnings without losses. 



Make your Steam profile public

In order for your stats to be automatically counted in the Dota 2 leaderboards, you need to make sure your Steam profile is set to "public".

  • First open Steam or go to and go to "view my profile".
  • Then find the Edit Profile button.
  • Then click on "Privacy Settings" in the menu on the left of your profile page.

Once there, simply change the My Profile setting to Public.

    Announcement of public match data in Dota 2

    After completing this step, you should open your public match data in the game itself. To do this, open Dota 2, go to settings, then go to the Social tab, where you will find this option, and make sure the box is checked.


How to get rewards in DOTA2

  1. The first step is to link your Steam account.

  2. Bind your Neoxa wallet to your 'wallet address' field.

  3. Make sure your game data is publicly available so our reward tracking system can see your games.

  4. Play ranked games

    • We require 100 game hours, a mobile phone number linked to your Steam account, and the completion of your 10 calibration matches.
    • No other game modes are currently being tracked.
  1. Rewards are sent every 24 hours. For DOTA 2 it will be around 11:00 UTC.

  2. We take your stats for a 24-hour period, so a small delay will not affect your reward.