ETH xBlast: New Free Miner in Telegram - Analog HOT

ETH xBlast: New Free Miner in Telegram - Analog HOT
Published in : 21 Mar 2024

ETH xBlast: New Free Miner in Telegram - Analog HOT

 xBlast  is a new decentralized Web3 application based on the Blast Layer2 network inside Telegram (BLAST is a secondary blockchain on Ethereum). It provides full network support and security, easily integrates into every Telegram account. At the heart of this innovative ecosystem is the XBL token, which can be traded on exchanges. In addition, there is also a wXBL farm token that can be mined and earned in the app and exchanged for XBL at a 1:1 ratio. Early adopters will be able to earn XBL tokens by starting mining through a simple account creation process.

In the test mode, the network is overloaded due to the influx of new users, which can lead to lags. However, the xBlast team is working on solving these problems. After signing in, please wait about 10 seconds for the main screen to load.

To start mining wXBL tokens, follow the link and start the xBlast bot on Telegram  using this link





On the main screen, you will see an offer to subscribe to the Telegram and Twitter channel, then click the "Start Now" button.

After registration, don't forget to stamp wXBL tokens (Claim button) when filling up the vault.

In the "Mission" section, you will be able to perform various tasks and receive tokens once a day. After completing each mission, the vault is filled within 24 hours. Don't forget to receive tokens periodically ("Claim" button).

Mining wXBL tokens will be convertible to real XBL tokens in the future.

Also, boosters are available to pump your xBlast miner for more wXBL mining. Go to the "Boost" section and perform the necessary actions.

By default, at the base level, your miner mines 0.1042 wXBL per 1 hour.




At the moment, there are 5 levels of mineral pumping:

Level 0 (Base)  - Titanium - 0.1042 wXBL/hr

Level 1 - Palladium  - 0.1562 wXBL/h - pumping cost 3 wXBL

Tier 2 - Iridium  - 0.2083 wXBL/hr - pumping cost 15 wXBL

Level 3 - Xenium  - 0.2604 wXBL/h - pumping cost 30 wXBL

Tier 4 - Plutonium  - 0.3125 wXBL/hr - pumping cost 75 wXBL

Tier 5 - Neptunium  - 0.624 wXBL/hr - pumping cost? wXBL

Spaceship Upgrate (modernization of the spaceship, increasing the speed of production)

It is not active at the moment, we should activate it soon.



xBlast Referral Program

The referral program is perfect!

Every time your referred friend earns $wXBL, you get 16% cashback. And it earns 8% every time you claim it. A win-win option. Share your referral links and start earning more!

The xBlast project started just a few hours ago! Entry is free, invite friends, relatives, let something happen even if they don't understand what it is and why. Then you will give them cashback for ice cream at Starbucks)) And have several accounts yourself, at least 2-3. Yes, you will also earn without refs and I think it is quite good, but with them it will be a little more and more pleasant, especially with such a referral program!

In xBlast, you can also create your own planets or join existing ones, similar to HOT. A certain percentage will be added to the general treasury of the planet from each brand of tokens (it will not be deducted from your balance). Depending on the overall balance, the planet will be ranked.

An airdrop for the top 100 planets is also planned. More detailed information will be made public before the start of the draw.

Pay attention! If you have created a planet or joined an existing one, please stay there as the admins have temporarily restricted the ability to leave planets.