6 Ways to Make Money With a Laptop in 2023

6 Ways to Make Money With a Laptop in 2023
Published in : 10 Sep 2023

6 Ways to Make Money With a Laptop in 2023

While a lot of people are talking about becoming millionaires, some of their words hold truth — you can make money with a laptop and some cleverness. From a few dollars to a consistent cash flow, there are various ways to make money online as long as you have a laptop and internet connection!

So, what's the catch when you want to earn money online? You'll need to be tech-savvy — technology should be your friend and follow you everywhere you go. It comes naturally to young generations but mature people can learn these crucial skills with a bit of help.

Internet connection is one part of your journey when making money online. Another is utilizing tools like Google, website creation, Microsoft Office package, and more. Even if you don't know how to use a certain tool, you can find out by researching it online!

Why Should You Consider Making Money With a Laptop As a Side Hustle?

There are numerous reasons why you need to start making money online. Firstly, you'll get the freedom to work from anywhere whether that's your favorite couch, a coffee shop, or a travel destination. You can even set up a passive income stream from the comfort of your home!

Secondly, you can easily earn money online doing simple tasks like completing online surveys. It's extra money for free! There's no need for special requirements or specific education to get extra cash with such side hustles.

Lastly, your part-time remote job or side hustle can turn into a full-blown business! A lot of people start earning money online by selling digital products and end up running their own online businesses. It's a great opportunity if you're looking to scale your activity.

Here are some examples of side hustles you can start today and make money with a laptop!

Provide Online Tutoring

Online tutoring services, just like online courses, are rewarding when you're considering making money with a laptop and your current knowledge. You get to share tips and tricks with people and help them improve while collecting profit!

There are various platforms that can connect you with students from schools and universities to have one-on-one lessons. You can teach algebra, geography, and even art! Just make sure you're familiar with the school curriculum to provide the best tutoring sessions!

You'll need a stable internet connection so that your video calls are smooth and informative. You can earn money by having one student and earn even more by taking on several students at the same time! It's no better feeling than having your students ace tests.

Begin Freelance Writing

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by freelance writing. There different ways to earn money online by producing written content — having your blog, provide writing services to companies, consulting people on editing, and more.

You might need to post content on your social media accounts if you wish to attract a large audience. However, just having a portfolio and a Fiverr account can be enough! You can make money with a laptop by freelance writing and build your personal brand as a content writer without the fuss.

Earn Money By Creating A YouTube Channel

Video content performs great on various social media platforms — your YouTube channel is no exception! Creating YouTube videos is a fun hobby that can help you make money with a laptop from anywhere in the world. Also, it's a great passive income source.

You'll need to set up a YouTube channel that represents your content. If you're a vlogger, you need great thumbnails. If you film cooking videos, make sure to include some jokes about egg-cellent recipes. Have fun with your YouTube videos and watch the ad revenue fall in your wallet!

Use Tools To Create Better YouTube Videos

There are various tools to help you improve your videos and make extra money from them. For example, TubeBuddy allows you to dive into the statistics of your video with relevant tags, hashtags, and SEO scores.

You can use YouTube Studios to put final touches to your videos and make them impactful. A lot of people watch old videos if the content is still relevant. That's how you generate more traffic and earn passive income from your hard work.

Work As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants became a necessity after the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to work from home. A lot of corporate employees and managers need virtual assistant's help to sort out emails, schedule countless meetings, and even prepare presentations.

If you're quick with your computer and know a thing or two about PowerPoint, you can become a virtual assistant! There are some listings for virtual assistant jobs but you can always work as a freelance virtual assistant. They make money with a laptop starting from several thousand dollars a month!


Sell Digital Products

Having an online store is virtually having a business on your computer. You can sell digital products and make passive income from your listings once you set up an SEO optimized online store. Does it sound complicated? It's not!

Simply pick a niche you want to sell digital products for — gardening, art, cutlery, etc. Then design some printable products like stickers or poster that people can print themselves. Last step is to sell it on your online store!

It's one of the easiest ways to make money with a laptop and have a solid passive income stream. You might need to do some maintenance for your products but it's otherwise automated!


Use Honeygain

We talked a lot about making money online and we didn't mention the easiest way to do it. That's Honeygain! You can earn money by sharing your internet connection with our network at no extra cost.

Download the app, leave it open on your device, and generate income! It's easier than running an online store or writing articles. You can cover your daily expenses with your payout and rest assured your safety is our top priority.