How to Get Free PlayStation Gift Cards in 2023

How to Get Free PlayStation Gift Cards in 2023
Published in : 08 Sep 2023

How to Get Free PlayStation Gift Cards in 2023

Calling all gamers and gamer friends — you can get free PlayStation gift cards and buy games, make in-game purchases, and have a great time! If you're a frequent visitor at the PlayStation Store, you can save a lot of money by going the alternative route of paying upfront. Whenever we're playing games on our PlayStation, we can get tempted to purchase a shiny upgrade or in-game points. No matter the case, you'll love free PlayStation gift cards. It's a reward with a special code on it so that you can add its value to your account. Usually, you'll find PlayStation gift cards with such values as $20, $50, or even $100. Sometimes, the gift cards have different names like vouchers or PSN codes. They all mean the same thing, so we'll cover the ways to get free PSN codes, free PlayStation gift cards, and codes for you! Everyone can get a PlayStation gift card as a reward option via some websites. Such rewards are available on Swagbucks and similar sites. Did we pique your interest? Let's learn how to get free PlayStation gift cards in different ways!

Use Swagbucks

Once you create a free account on Swagbucks, the world of free gift cards opens for you! You'll need to complete various small tasks like playing games, watching videos, or completing surveys to earn rewards. One of the options to claim your reward is by choosing numerous gift cards! That's how you can redeem PlayStation gift cards on Swagbucks by putting in a bit of effort. You can earn rewards on Swagbucks by shopping online — how is easy that? Additionally, you can get free PSN codes as a reward. Simply select PlayStation gift cards as your option and copy the PSN codes from those gift cards. The reason we love Swagbucks is that you put in minimum effort for maximum rewards! money online

Use InboxDollars

Similarly to Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a platform for people to earn rewards by completing small tasks like watching videos or playing online games. As a reward, you can get PlayStation gift cards to use in the PlayStation store. That's how you get free PSN codes! You can redeem codes from a PlayStation gift card once you earn rewards on InboxDollars. The more rewards you have, the more free PSN codes you'll get. So hurry and start watching videos if you want new game codes and a free PlayStation gift card!

Participate In Giveaways

A lot of influencers like to give back to their followers via giveaways. If you decide to enter a giveaway, you could win free PSN codes and get a PlayStation gift card in the process. Make sure the influencers play games for a living because the chances of winning free PlayStation codes are higher! Don't forget about the various brands that do giveaways. They might even give the winners free games, a free PlayStation gift card, or even a PlayStation console! Once you win the giveaway (and eventually good karma will reward you!), make sure to browse the PlayStation store and purchase games.

Complete Branded Surveys On SurveyJunkey

Another way to get free PSN codes is by completing branded surveys on websites like SurveyJunkey. It works like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. However, the only task type on SurveyJunkey is (you guessed it!) surveys. If you like to give your opinion on products or services, it's a great side hustle to make money. Also, you can choose the option to receive your rewards in gift cards! That's how you can get a free PlayStation gift card by simply sharing your thoughts.

What About Free PSN Code Generators?

Like many other code generators, websites that claim they have free PSN codes available won't actually work. PlayStation like many other brands reinforced their security on free codes and you won't redeem codes that you haven't actually purchased. We recommend using a free PSN code generator once you evaluate the website that provides it. Does it look like a scam? What does the comment section look like? Pay attention to the details and if it looks good enough, you might even get free PSN codes.

If All Else Fails, Turn To Honeygain!

While we don't provide PlayStation gift cards or PSN codes as a payout option, you can use your passive income to purchase them yourself! It's a roundabout way of getting free PlayStation codes but it's foolproof. Honeygain helps you make money by sharing your internet connection with our network — it'll help you pay for small purchases like splurging in the PlayStation store! Here's a $5 gift to get you started. Earn passive income effortlessly CLICK